Permeable brick

        In response to the national comprehensive planning to start the construction of the sponge city call and effectively alleviate the problem of urban waterlogging, CN R & D team in recent years with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions of extensive cooperation in the development, and finally the Taihu Lake sludge through the classification of curing Re-use, to produce a natural affinity of the ecological environment Taihu mud permeable brick.
        Eco-environmental protection Taihu mud tiles production and application on the one hand is greatly conducive to promoting the improvement of Taihu Lake years of ecological problems (cyanobacteria, water hyacinth flooding), on the other hand its excellent rational indicators and the performance of the city's waterlogging problems ease. All in all, it has the following characteristics:

Environmental protection
        The main raw material of the permeable brick is taken from the Taihu Lake sludge. Through the classification and curing treatment, the resources are reallocated and the waste is precious. On the other hand, by dealing with organic matter-rich Taihu Lake sludge, greatly improve the ecological environment of Taihu Lake.
        Permeable tiles due to the characteristics of raw materials formula design, can be reused to reduce the production of waste in the city and the waste of various resources, and produce good economic and social benefits.
        As the permeable brick is made of large ceramic particles, it has a high porosity, especially the communication hole, so that part of the rain can penetrate the ground, making the groundwater to be added to overcome the shortcomings of urban road impermeable;
Water retention
        When the rain, the permeable bricks absorb and keep a lot of water, and slowly evaporate under the sun's rays to achieve the function of reducing the surface temperature, and can let the surrounding vegetation get enough water to make the plant grow more lush;
Slip resistance
        As the rain can penetrate the ground in time, no water, the ground to keep clean, walking worry;
Noise reduction
        CN permeable brick porous structure can absorb a lot of noise, is the ideal sound-absorbing material;
Compression, cold, weathering resistance
        CN permeable brick pressed by the press and high temperature firing, the compressive strength ≥ 50Mpa, cold resistance also reached the national standard, the cold value of -25 ℃; In addition, CN permeable brick also has weather resistance, even if encountered Strong acid, alkali, quality will not change.

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