How was CTF Finance Centre built?
How was CTF Finance Centre built?

Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center (also known as Guangzhou East Tower), located in Zhujiang River, the total building height of 530 meters, 5 layers underground, 111 floors, is the tallest skyscraper in Guangzhou, also is the second highest building in Southern China currently. (the world's fifth tallest building when structural capping).

The project located on the east side of the CBD axis in the Zhujiang NewTown, and embraced each other with the west side Guangzhou International Financial Center (Guangzhou West Tower). It is another landmark in Guangzhou and southern China.

The project is designed by the famous Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF). It has clear outline contours, divides into three sections from bottom to top according to the function, and tightens up in different sections with rising trend.
Every link in a big project needs to be treated with caution. Guangzhou East Tower which is international high-end office buildings has high standards and strict requirements in the whole processes of the initial planning, bidding, construction, and even acceptance process. British fly fan regards "customer's extraordinary experience" as the service standard, fully cooperates with the project schedule progress. And made sure the rigorous attitude and efficient collaboration orderly in the processes of planned production, after-sales service, installation guidance, acceptance tests.

The unique "zigzag" design is used in the east, south and west of the tower, forms the aerial viewing platform from different angles in the 68th, 95th and 107th floors. It can view sunrise from the east, and sunset to the west, fully enjoy Guangzhou scenery. It also breaks the tradition unified four sides of the building, to create different exquisite sides.

Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center podium has 9 layers included parking lot, retail, catering, multi-functional banquet hall and theater etc.

The first floor of the East and West District entrance are set up a large span door frame, the west side of the entrance width of more than 21 meters. In order to meet the wide space design of the atmosphere, the better realization of natural lighting and green energy-saving ventilation effect, Infineon fans give full play to technological advantages and project experience in the flow design, optimize the layout, reasonable alignment, product selection, And other issues, and project designers to actively engage in interactive, to provide useful professional advice, in many ways to meet the actual needs of customers. Infineon Research Institute strong technical strength and AMCA accredited laboratories (the first domestic), for the smooth development of the project escort.

In terms of the concept of project structure design, the deepening of the program and the design phase of the construction plan, the company introduced a high-performance structural system for the project. In the structural design as much as possible to reduce the use of external pillars to create a more open field of vision.

The tower is made of eight giant steel pipe concrete columns, internal concrete core tube, with four extension arm truss and 6 ring truss reinforcement layer structure, so that the structure not only meet the seismic design standards , While meeting the needs of architectural functions.

The building's giant and extensor truss nodes are designed with a penetrating design to simplify node construction and make force more direct. In the structural design stage, engineers spend a lot of thought, improve and achieve a complex node design. This technology has won the State Council awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

In the process of structural review, Arup's use of performance-based design principles and extensive analysis, won the expert review team on the structural safety and durability of the unanimous recognition.

Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook financial center reflects the perfect integration of architecture and structure, only eight giant frame frame, not only to achieve a good architectural lighting, creating a wide use of space, but also create an enviable view of vision. The project is equipped with one of the world's tallest elevators, up to 20 m / s, providing convenient high-speed vertical traffic.

After several tests and expert demonstration, the successful use of C80 high-strength concrete core wall in China's super high-rise building broke through the traditional core strength of core concrete wall in C60 or below. The building can achieve optimum comfort without the need for a damper. Simulated seismic shaking table model test project in the construction process also created a number of records, such as the construction of the largest domestic use from the tower crane, more than 500 meters one-way pumping concrete technology and in 36 months to complete the 530-meter structure cap project Wait.

Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center won the 2016 Annual Excellence Award (China / Overseas Project Group) jointly organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and the British Institute of Structural Engineers.
Not only the British Flying fan product quality, favored by customers, beautiful product shape, and environmentally friendly low-noise characteristics, are more fit high-end business complex image needs. Insiders said that there are already a large number of 500 companies have pre-leased Guangzhou East Tower.
Guangzhou East Tower of the shape of the choice of ceramic plate has faced two major problems:
First, according to the design of the American architect, the ceramic plate is not only large (1600 * 430 * 50mm), and the surface of the wave-like shaped, but also requires a layer of white and ice-covered glazed. New Jia Li cleverly absorbed Yixing local heritage of the celadon in the ice glaze process, combined with our introduction of a full set of the top European production equipment and technology, a successful solution to this problem.
Second, the use of ceramic plate height of 530 meters, how to ensure its safety has become a top priority. The company on the one hand set up a special team of technical research team, and constantly improve the formula, firing and other processes to improve the physical and chemical properties of the ceramic plate itself; the same time, CN Engineering Department actively cooperate with foreign design institutes and curtain wall construction side optimization keel system and installation Program. Kung Fu pays off, after more than a year of effort, the final make the new Jia Li products through a rigorous curtain wall four test, impact test and wind tunnel test, and successfully passed the expert demonstration. CN became the first domestic and is currently the only one through the wind tunnel test ceramic plate brand.
At the beginning of the project owners in the inspection of many ceramic manufacturers at home and abroad, the final choice of "CN" as a partner to continue to deepen the study, we fulfill the mission.
Today, to overcome the heavy technical difficulties, the successful completion of the "East Tower of Guangzhou," the world's highest ever ceramic plate project, not only the "CN" pride, but also represents the Chinese ceramic plate has reached a new level.